Validate the entire trading infrastructure using VeriFIX, the sophisticated approach to continuous testing and automated test execution.

How it works

Combine web-based UI with remote test execution agent

All test cases execute remotely on an execution agent, where results, version control, configuration and test repository are maintained.

VeriFIX dashboard all panels

Powerful reporting

  • Real-time test monitoring and traceability, with prompt and easy issue handling and investigation possibilities for test plans and scenarios.
  • View test cases and drill down for detailed and summarized results and statistics.
VeriFIX regression suite all

Multi-protocol support

Break down multi-protocol testing in smaller units, enabling improved outcomes, better accuracy and improved results, both for single modules and when performing end-to-end testing.

VeriFIX activity screen sessions

Key features

  • Enterprise testing, allowing multiple users to test simultaneously across all asset classes
  • Facilitates test environment sharing across multiple users
  • Create regression plans, comprising one or several test suites, to be executed on an agent
  • Ability to define detailed schedules for execution and regression test suites
  • Web-user authentication via LDAP or native authentication
  • Automation Manager, allowing user to tag test cases and test suites with user defined metadata
  • Open API for easy integration with other tools to perform end-to-end testing
  • Real-time Jira creation on test failures
  • Smart orchestration of Jira workflow based on test results

Who it is for

Buy-side and sell-side organizations as well as trading and execution venues.

How it is delivered

VeriFIX is delivered as a deployed solution.

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