Itiviti’s core technologies, Catalys and Tbricks by Itiviti, are both designed for constant change. With modern, modular and open system architectures, they also share the apps concept: the idea that you can actually build on top of our solutionsYou can use this performance-optimized system as is — or leverage the enclosed source code and development tools to add your own IP at any time.

Tbricks by Itiviti is a modern system designed for constant change, combining a high-performance core with flexible, app-based business logic. Catalys by Itiviti is modular in design, deployment and implementation, engineered to comprehensively address critical areas of the deal life-cycle.

We are now fusing Tbricks with Catalys, combining the platform for low latency trading in equities, futures, options, ETFs and FX with the global standard in FIX messaging infrastructure and connectivity. On top of this we are building a new and even more powerful portfolio: fully modular, transparent and flexible solutions for end-to-end trading, routing, connectivity and risk.

Innovation made possible by technology designed for change.

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