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Treemaps and other visualizations

Today’s traders need to keep track unprecedented amounts of data. Instruments are listed on multiple markets (MTFs and others); high-frequency trading results are listed in orders of magnitude and the sheer volumes of orders and trades are massive. Visualizations are an invaluable resource through which the trader can gain an overview.

Visualization requires flexible tools that can show each data set in the most suitable manner. Tbricks by Itiviti’s front end integrates world-class visual data analysis tools, such as:

  • Scatter plots, useful when working with large data sets and when you need to easily identify anomalies and outliers in the data set.
  • Tree maps and heat maps, to enable you to quickly get a feeling for the data, like how the market is doing in general (up/down, activity, …).
  • Stack graphs, for analyzing how multiple data sets interact and change over time.

All the visualization tools can be used anywhere in the Tbricks system. This means that in addition to displaying already existing data, you can add new custom data to enhance the visualizations. You can add new data manually or programmatically, whichever way you prefer.

For the advanced user, all visualization tools can also be integrated in custom apps. This gives you complete control of the data displayed, as well as the configuration of the tools. Those apps can collect the necessary data from inside Tbricks or from the outside, for example by connecting to a custom database. Furthermore, the same app can have multiple visualization layouts so the same app can have multiple pre-defined ways of displaying the data.

All visualizations, regardless of type, are completely live; any change in the underlying data set will immediately be reflected in the front-end.

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