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Quickly add custom derived values and calculations in seconds using the built-in Lua scripting technology.

Tbricks by Itiviti’s app development framework gives unparalleled functionality and flexibility. For rapid development of new logic, write scripts to realize new calculations instantly. Scripts are implemented in the Lua script editor, a powerful high-level language, and can access all data throughout the system. Once saved in the front-end, scripts are automatically compiled and run server-side by the integrated high-performance LuaJIT suite, and are accessible by all users.

Using scripts, you can quickly:

  • Create custom calculated values, and visualize them immediately in a column.
  • Utilize all data in the system for custom logic, including theoretical pricing.
  • Leverage scripts in lists, actions or conditional formatting to build specific views.

Whether its calculating custom market-making spreads, monitoring the average throughput of trading services, or highlighting opportunities in the market, our scripting capability is easy, flexible and fast.


  • Lua is popular, high-level and easy to use by non-programmers
  • Powered by LuaJIT, one of the fastest dynamic language implementations
  • Access any data in the system from scripts
  • Develop and use instantly from the front-end
  • Use scripted properties in other scripts, lists or conditional formatting

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