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It is easy to create your own dynamic lists in Tbricks by Itiviti to monitor and capture crucial market events, including referencing derivative properties that you have added yourself.

Seize opportunities in the market, monitor system statistics, or intercept data with any criteria in real-time, using Tbricks’ built-in support for dynamic lists.

Lists define which data a window should display, and are key elements in building a workspace. With list functionality, its easy to query any data in the system for any purpose, such as:

  • Opportunity: Instantly seeing and reacting to opportunity if the market crosses your fair values
  • Monitoring: Immediate notifications if CPU usage on any host spikes, or load increases in trading services
  • Precision: Define exactly what you need to see, such as instruments expiring in the next n days with a specific delta

Criteria can be specified using any properties in the system, including custom and scripted properties, with matches being shown in real-time – when new data means a new match, notifications are instant. Filtering is optimized and performed server-side, with only the matches being broadcast to subscribers.

Combined with audio and pop-up alerts, and any custom actions in the view, you can detect and react to signals effortlessly, and never miss out on an opportunity.


  • Create specific windows showing the essential data required
  • Scripting and custom properties in search criteria
  • Use audio, popups and conditional formatting to amplify workspaces
  • Build custom actions to accelerate response

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