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Custom properties

You can quickly and easily extend Tbricks by Itiviti with your own custom properties, which can then be used in apps and functionality such as scripting or actions.

Tbricks’ open data model allows new properties to be defined on business objects, such as instruments or trading strategies, and used instantly. There is no distinction between Tbricks and user properties – all can be used in any functionality system-wide, including actions, lists and conditional formatting.

New parameters are added entirely through the front-end, so no down-time or server-side configuration is required. Tbricks employs true metadata, with a choice of automatic persistence policy and parameter types, from basic Text and Numeric, through to custom enumerations and tables. Once defined, properties are shared and accessible by all users and functionality in the system.

Every property can have multiple column definitions for visualization. Colors, fonts and images can be tailored for each application, and columns can be also rendered as buttons or links for triggering custom actions.

With custom properties, Tbricks can be shaped and extended to your own business requirements, for scenarios including:

  • Storing new data about an object: User-specific settings or business-wide information
  • New parameters for a scripted property: Easily adjust custom script logic by using properties, editable in columns in the front-end
  • Sending additional information downstream: Such as fields required for a trading FIX connection, or tagging trades with specific data when publishing to a back-office system


  • Add new properties in seconds, with no down-time or back-end configuration required
  • Use new properties instantly in all functionality throughout the system, including from custom apps
  • Rich support for parameter types, from common base types, to custom enumerations and tables
  • Propagate custom information to markets or other systems

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