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Conditional formatting

They say the devil is in the detail. In Tbricks by Itiviti, you decide exactly how to display your data, rather than settling for someone else’s choices. That freedom can make the difference between a decent experience and a great one.

You can conditionally format Tbricks’ look and feel using any available data. Taking as an example how to show current market prices, the formatting of those price can use simple conditions such as “If the current market bid price is higher than closing price, show the price using green text” to more complex ones such as “If you have an order in the market at the top of the order book, show price as red; if not but someone else at the company has one, show price as pink; if not, show price as normal”.

The conditions can be even more complex such as adding images to the price as well, so you could for example have arrows indicating how the market has moved together with a suitable color showing where you are, or potentially using theoretical prices or any other property.

Other typical use cases for conditional formatting is indicating for an app instance if it is working correctly, what it is currently doing, whether it has some exposure on the market or not, or for an instrument what the quote status is, or for a position indicating your P/L.

In case you need even more advanced formatting, you can also configure new properties calculating values that you want to use in your formatting or simply to show the result. These properties are defined using the Lua scripting language and can be used like any other properties when formatting or showing data.

Out of the box, Tbricks includes sensible default conditional formatting. However, this formatting is completely optional so if you want to replace any part of it with your own, you are free to do so.

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