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Trailing stop

Would you like to quickly lock in profits, while still being able to capitalize on favorable market moves? This is exactly what Tbricks by Itiviti’s trailing stop app helps you to accomplish.

Trailing stop is a stop order with two distinguishing features: a dynamic stop trigger and an optional profit target. The trailing stop can take different approaches when executing a stop, using any native stop capability of the exchange if applicable, or is otherwise simulated in our strategy engines.

The app will follow the market in the favourable direction, caching the best price seen so far. If the market reaches the profit target, it will take the volume, and the stop will be cancelled. Alternatively, if the market drops a configurable number of ticks from its peak, a stop order is triggered. With this functionality, trailing stop allows you to lock in and maximize your profits.

As all other Tbricks’ apps, it is delivered along with its source code, enabling you to see to see exactly how it is implemented and also to extend or customize it.

Thanks to Tbricks’ being a server-based system with a thin-client architecture, the app will execute from any server, in any location. Running this order from a co-location site means ultra-fast updates in the execution algorithm, and a huge advantage against participants with a traditional fat client architecture setup.

Because of Tbricks’ architecture, any app can be used within other apps (through a child – parent relationship) – the power of trailing stop is already enabled in other apps.


  • Ease of use – normal click-trading.
  • Extendible – use from any other app, like Ladder.
  • Customizable – logic includes full source code and easily customized.

Building blocks

App_trailingStopDesk-1024x417 App_trailingStopPanel

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