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Calendar spreads trading requires an efficient use of screen estate because of the large amounts of data to be displayed. Tbricks by Itiviti’s spread matrix is fully customizable in terms of colors, data content and more. Thus, you can display the data that is relevant to you— nothing more, nothing less.

When trading calendar spreads, you need an instant overview through a quick glance at your screen. In some cases you also want the ability to send/pull orders simply by clicking in the matrix; in others you may want to send orders using the regular order panel.

That’s why the Tbricks spread matrix app is designed for easy customization. The standard panel contains the essential basic data, with a straightforward compact look. If, however, you have more specialized needs you can easily customize it for the look and feel that you want. No coding is required with all configurations done in the front-end. You can of course also have multiple panels for different usage scenarios, for instance when different traders want different panels when working with the spread matrix.

The first screen shot is a standard spread matrix, showing you the futures and calendar spreads and their respective current market data.

The second screen shot shows another configuration. The color scheme is different but more importantly, the matrix now contains data about your own orders in the respective instrument with color coding indicating the most heavily traded months (in this case, December), buttons to quickly configure order volume and order validity sent when clicking a cell, and more. Also the futures themselves have been hidden and the order book is currently being shown for calendar spreads include the month of January.

Building blocks

App_spread_matrix_standard App_spread_matrix_customized-1024x246

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