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Position breakdown

Traders with positions in multiple countries and segments need an easy way to overview profit/loss and risk. In traditional trading systems this usually requires setting up portfolio structure split by countries or segments, a time-consuming process both to setup and to maintain. Another typical struggle is the ability to visualize proprietary risk indicators.

The position breakdown app visualizes portfolio exposure with typical Tbricks flexibility: you can customise it by the parameters of your choice, broken down by sectors, countries or any proprietary instrument grouping. The Tbricks app also supports any proprietary risk calculations implemented in Lua or calculation apps.


  • Break down portfolio exposure depending on instrument classification (such as Sector/Subsector, Region/Country etc).
  • Support multiple overviews simultaneously for the same portfolio.
  • Controlling depth of position breakdown.
  • Additional position filtering to view for instance country positions broken down by sector.
  • Visualizes proprietary risk indicators.

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