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Portfolio FX hedger

Trading today often requires you to trade in many currencies, thus exposing you to FX fluctuations. You can keep track of your current FX exposure, and optionally simultaneously hedge it, with Tbricks by Itiviti’s portfolio FX hedger app.

The portfolio FX hedger can be used in two different ways: either to display information only, showing your exposure in different currencies in a given portfolio, or to automatically hedge your exposure in currencies in which you do not wish to take a position.

The app interface shows you, for any given portfolio:

  • A setting for your domestic currency.
  • A setting for whether you want to see your aggregated total, yearly, monthly or daily FX exposure.
  • A table showing your current exposure in non-domestic currencies, expressed both natively and exposure as measured in the prime currency.

If you want to hedge your exposure, you can do this on a currency-by-currency basis with different maximal exposure for each currency. You can also hedge manually, or automatically, as soon as your maximum exposure is exceeded. For informational purposes, you can see the current market FX prices for the relevant currency pairs.


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