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Optimized for superior performance in the most demanding market conditions, Tbricks by Itiviti’s options quoting app is ready to use out-of-the-box for fast time to market. With flexible pricing, configurable quote handling logic, Tbricks’ options quoting app provides the transparency, control and speed required confidently enter the market. We offer a complete, off-the-shelf solution, with endless ways of extending and customizing the setup to fit your style of trading.

Our options quoting app is completely server-based — no calculations are done on the client-side. The front-end is an extremely thin client to view and control data, on any co-located strategy throughout the system, providing a fast and seamless way to view your business.

Quoting has been optimized to minimize latency, and scale with the number of strikes, options, products, segments and markets that are being quoted. The system is designed to seamlessly scale up trading to whatever level is needed – you can easily configure and add services and servers in any location.

All quoting parameters can be controlled from the front-end user interface, using functionality like short-cuts, actions and conditional formatting. Highlighting market signals has never been easier — you can discover opportunities by using smart lists, or creating custom calculations with our built-in high-level scripting language.

Itiviti’s options quoting app is an off-the-shelf product, but delivered with full source code, allowing unprecedented access to our pre-built logic, and the opportunity of extending it with your own custom logic. The options quoting app also interfaces seamlessly with the options hedging app.

The options quoting app comes with extensive support for trading limits and circuit breakers, providing comprehensive protection against trading conditions, erroneous user input and many other trading criteria.

Tbricks’ instrument group structure allows precise control over what you quote, with what settings, and under what conditions, in an intuitive way.


  • Speedcore® support.
  • Quotes are pre-calculated and pushed to the trading gateway ahead of time for the best possible performance.
  • Order requests are pre-formatted in the trading gateway to be able to react to opportunities with minimal latency.


  • Quoting, Hidden (take-out machine), Peg (follow market), Multi-level.
  • Volatility manager with flexible GUI and multiple volatility model support.
  • Depth based pricing (VWAP).
  • Team-quoting.

Building blocks

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