Financial markets are transformative in nature, and successful firms must constantly re-evaluate and adapt.

With its flexible user interface, solid performance, powerful built-in functionality and tools to build your own, Tbricks is a game-changer that helps redefine what a trading system can be. Low latency, high throughput and extreme scalability are imprinted into the platform DNA, not an afterthought.

Tbricks provides the transparency, control, flexibility, performance and reach required to take advantage of new trading opportunities. 


Buy and build

Bypass release cycles and achieve greater flexibility by leveraging proprietary IP.

  • App-based architecture allows for extension or customization
  • Source code access to all functionality providing flexibility and transparency
  • Design personalized user interfaces
  • Gain complete control over data, visualizations, shortcuts and formatting.

Time to market

Save time with comprehensive market and functional coverage.

  • Functional coverage of the system allows firms to focus resources on leveraging IP
  • Extensive native connectivity offering
  • System available as deployed or managed solution

Consolidate trading

Bring cross asset class trading onto one platform.

  • Reduce OPEX and cost of ownership
  • Redeploy trading strategies across asset classes
  • Re-utilize expertise cross asset class

Performance & latency

Achieve predictable low-latency and high-performance.

  • Proprietary technology to eliminate hops in critical path.
  • Comprehensive tools for measuring and evaluating latency
  • Dedicated performance team

Scale your business

Modular and server based architecture build for scaling across instruments, asset classes and geographies.

  • Completely server based, service-oriented architecture for horizontal and vertical scalability
  • Modularity enables tailored deployment and redeployment
  • Built for colocation across multiple geographical locations

Future proof compliance

Compliant now and designed to handle changes and new regulations in the future.

  • Open architecture, extensive APIs & extendable data model
  • Off-the-shelf tools to drop relevant data to regulators
  • MiFID II compliant

Key features

  • Market making
  • Hedging
  • Basket trading
  • Basket pricing
  • Spread trading
  • Spread quoting
  • Volatility management
  • Pricing
  • Position management
  • Portfolio stress testing

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