Site Reviews

A health check for your trading infrastructure.

Itiviti offers periodic or on-demand health checks of trading infrastructure

A site review offers a comprehensive overhaul of the entire trading infrastructure. This includes monitoring of hardware utilization trends and prevention of potential issues, to ensure constant smooth operation.

Site Review offers

  • Understanding business needs.
    • What are the client’s core business activities and markets?
    • What are the budget considerations?
    • Is the client willing to upgrade, consolidate or make major investments?
  • Architectural overhaul of the installation.
    • Are servers deployed in the ideal location?
  • Hardware and software overhaul.
    • Is the client using the recommended hardware?
    • Is the operation system, patches, licenses and key software such as databases installed using updated, supported and recommend releases?
    • Is hardware utilization (CPU, RAM, disks and network) maximized or in need of replacement?

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