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Itiviti System Performance Review

Itiviti offers a comprehensive trading environment health check.

System performance review at a glance

In a trading landscape where every microsecond counts and transaction volumes are high, it is crucial to have a fully optimized trading infrastructure.

System performance review, offered by Itiviti, enhances and improves client installations, in order to adequately manage technical requirements, handle peaks and volatile market conditions, as well as secure and allocate resources for future usage expansion.

Let Itiviti scan your system setup, including custom apps, integration with other systems, non-standard functionality, network and user configurations, and take advantage of our long and broad experience.

Each review and investigation is unique and is tailored to suit specific client setup, conditions and usage, all done on-site as a workshop, actively engaging with the client to perform a thorough review.

The detailed report, provided to each client after the review, includes recommendations, suggestions and instructions on how to ensure constant smooth operation.


Key features of Itiviti system performance review

Defined focus areas

The review is based on client input, where the most important focus areas must be provided before the review, to make sure everything is sufficiently covered.

Client participation

System owners, app developers and system specialists, such as system managers, application developers and network specialist actively participate in the review.

Report with recommendations

Detailed report with environment and configuration recommendations, including instructions on how to measure system performance continuously.

Measurement and troubleshooting training sessions are included

Training sessions included in the workshop, to enhance client knowledge level.


Key areas covered in the review

System balance and data flows

Subsystem configuration review, understand data flows and separate them according to individual needs.

Market gateways setup

Session and multiplexing setup review, including gateway balancing.

Market making setup

Market making and tuning review, following the market making path in detail.

Hardware and network

Hardware and network configuration review, including future expansion possibilities.

Apps behavior

Custom and built-in apps and their behavior are checked in detail.

Latency and performance monitoring

Implement, monitor and measure scenarios in real-time, using built-in measurement and monitoring tools.

Thread pools tuning

Prepare for volatile market conditions, make sure enough capacity and CPU cores are allocated for critical components.

Thread pinning for low latency applications

Micromanage threads to improve latency and reduce outliers, for optimal distribution.

Scenario-specific CPU cache hit ratio improvement

Possibility to improve the CPU cache hit ratio for specific client strategies using native support for invisible dummy events.

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