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For great trading, connectivity and testing technology to make a real difference, you need to involve people with the proper skills, to apply and use it.  At the heart of Itiviti’s Services offering lies the awareness that we are the experts in Itiviti technology. From daily tech support to systems integration and development of custom trading strategies, Itiviti’s knowledge and engineering resources are always available to our clients. We offer a broad range of services for managing and maintaining Itiviti platforms, together with tailored professional services for bespoke development testing, implementation, client onboarding, consulting and training. Itiviti’s service offering create value through efficiency, quality assurance, speed-to market, reduced cost and most important, risk mitigation, enabling our clients to focus on their core business.


Trading Infrastructure

Trading firms and banks rely on Itiviti’s consulting and expertise for driving change, executing technology projects and ensuring cost efficient business development. 

Trading infrastructure consulting addresses technology and business issues, both for existing Itiviti clients and prospects. We contribute with our experience and know-how in capital markets technology combined with our understanding of the trading landscape and financial markets.

Trading Infrastructure consulting core areas

  • Gap Analysis
  • High Availability Configurations
  • Pre-studies
  • Site Reviews

Key benefits

  • Itiviti offers deep knowledge in capital markets technology, client business and markets,
  • Expertise in deployment and maintenance of the Itiviti trading platform.
  • Direct access to Itiviti internal expertise, know-how and tools.
Trading Infrastructure

Gap Analysis

Trading Infrastructure

High Availability Configurations

Trading Infrastructure


Trading Infrastructure

Site Reviews


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