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Application Management Services

Application Management Services deliver support efficiency and quality, allowing our clients to focus on their core business.

Itiviti AMS helps reduce dependency on local trading desk support and IT staff, allowing our clients to focus on core business rather than trading infrastructure, and to reduce and control IT costs and operational risk. Itiviti AMS ensures efficiency, maximized uptime and peace of mind in the knowledge that the application is managed by the same company that created it.

Itiviti AMS is available in three levels in EMEA –  Bronze, Silver and Gold.

Itiviti AMS is available in Bronze in APAC and Americas.

 AMS Bronze provides

  • First line application support – direct access to Itiviti experts familiar with the setup. Eliminates no requirement for a local trading desk support team or the local IT staff to be familiar with Itiviti maintenance.
  • Out of hours support for change requests.
  • Upgrades of server components.
  • Change management.
  • Incident reporting – reduced need for local involvement in collecting information.

In addition to the above, AMS Silver provides

  • Application license (keycode) management.
  • Application monitoring. A proactive support service for fault detection and resolution, potentially before the end user even notices.
  • Monthly system health reports.

In addition to the above, AMS Gold provides

  • Server side OS administration and support. Eliminates requirement for a systems administrator or database administrator for day to day system management.
  • System backup solutions.

Itiviti AMS is an application layer service. The client is still in charge of sourcing and hosting hardware, supporting networking infrastructure and gaining access to and maintaining connections to the relevant venues.

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