VeriFIX Enterprise by Itiviti

Bringing continuous testing and automated test execution to the market.

VeriFIX Enterprise by Itiviti, the sophisticated approach to validating the complete trading infrastructure, delivered to meet today’s complex enterprise view on testing.

Web-based UI for test execution

Executing, storing and maintaining test cases on locally installed desktop test clients can be time consuming, complicated and error-prone.

VeriFIX Enterprise, with its web-based user interface, allows users to run and view test cases via their web browser. Test cases execute remotely on an execution agent, where results, version control, configuration and test repositories are maintained, facilitating easier maintenance, faster access and extended integration opportunities.

Powerful reporting

Test result reporting is becoming crucial and critical. Clients need to analyze, understand and test software stability, check failure frequency and simplify viewing historical results. Automated reporting alerts must be raised, with minimal manual intervention.

VeriFIX Enterprise offers real-time report tracking and traceability, with instant issue handling and investigation possibilities for scenarios and test plans.

Multi-protocol support

In today’s complex trading landscape, trading system modules communicate using multiple protocols, making it a challenge to test modules in an isolated manner as well as performing end-to-end testing.

Leveraging its strong execution engine for comprehensive testing, VeriFIX Enterprise breaks down multi-protocol testing into smaller units, enabling improved outcomes and better accuracy when testing multiple protocols, both for single modules and when performing end-to-end testing.

Key features


Web-based user interface.

Enterprise testing

Multiple users may test simultaneously across all available agents.

Real-time defect tracking

Test case suite failures automatically raise defects.

Leveraging investment in VeriFIX by Itiviti

Seamless migration to VeriFIX Enterprise for existing VeriFIX by Itiviti customers.

Regression plans

Create plans comprising one or multiple test suites, to be executed by an agent.

Scheduling plans

Define detailed schedules for the execution of regression plans.

Powerful reporting

Real-time tracking. Scenario and session level metrics as well as point of failure prediction.

View historical test results

Web-based view of test suite execution logs and detailed results.

Enterprise license management

License issued on VeriFIX Enterprise server level, not on individual desktop agents.


Web-user authentication possible via LDAP or native authentication.

Non-FIX protocol custom development and testing

Leverage the Itiviti Professional Services team to develop non-FIX protocols and native exchange protocols. Utilize complete end-to-end testing of trading environments for non-FIX protocols.

Automation manager

Allow the user to tag test cases/test suites with user defined metadata and create a test suite relevant to a specific functional feature.*

Model-based testing

Create test cases from log files and potentially from FIX Orchestra integrations.*

Role-based access control

Ability to grant users access to specific test roles.*


Open API for easy integration with other tools to perform end-to-end testing.*

Building blocks

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*Functionality will be available in upcoming VeriFIX Enterprise versions.

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