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Tbricks by Itiviti

Buy and build with apps. Customize ‌to ‌fit. Trade in any style.

Tbricks by Itiviti is a trading platform designed for today’s reality; fusing flexible, scalable‌ and‌ co-located ‌trading‌ with ‌a ‌blazingly‌ fast ‌core‌ system. Banks‌ and‌ trading‌ firms‌ rely on Tbricks to automate sophisticated strategies on diverse venues across the globe.

Key benefits

  • Superior performance in one of the fastest vendor systems on the market.
  • Easy deployment of sophisticated, high-performance trading strategies at your own pace.
  • Intuitive customization; whether it’s adding a new shortcut, modifying the market making logic or realizing an entirely new trading strategy – the tools and app source code are included.

Tbricks delivers

  • A complete, high-performance trading platform, ready to go from day one.
  • A solution that can be personalized exactly as required.
  • Scalable trading in any style, including click trading, spread trading and market making.

Buy and build with apps

  • All business logic contained in apps.
  • Select and install apps from the extensive Tbricks’ app library.
  • Out-of-the-box solutions for manual, Algo-assisted and fully automated trading styles.
  • Easily install new apps cluster-wide and intra-day.
  • Keep intellectual property protected and in-house.

Customize to fit

  • Design personalized user interfaces for apps via drag and drop.
  • Complete control over data, visualizations, shortcuts and formatting.
  • Built-in scripting language for rapidly adding new logic.
  • Quick to create, easy to deploy.

Building blocks

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