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Orc Market Maker by Itiviti

A highly sophisticated market making application.

Orc Market Maker by Itiviti is the industry-leading software for market making. Trading firms and banks rely on Orc Market Maker to capture market share in some of the most competitive markets globally.

Key benefits

Capture market share, reduce risk and improve trader productivity with Orc Market Maker.

  • Quote larger volumes with tighter spreads and capture more trading opportunities.
  • Complete low-latency automation all the way to fully executed hedge.
  • Focus on trading decisions and handle more instruments.

Capture market share

Low-latency trading engine optimized for market making.

  • Low-latency server-based asynchronous quoting engine.
  • Electronic eye to take out market opportunities inside the quoted spread.
  • Optimized quote packing and quote frequency management to maximize message utilization.
  • Quote prioritization on various criteria, e.g. Delta.

Minimize your risk

Sophisticated market making workflow.

  • Seamlessly combine market making and manual trading.
  • Post trade risk and P&L information to support trading.
  • Advanced volatility management capabilities.
  • Notifications let traders act on important events with the click of a button.
  • View and analyze executed trades.
  • Adapt quoting style to market conditions.

Improved productivity

Trade smarter

  • Automated fading and skewing in response to trades.
  • Improve hedge efficiency choosing from a variety of hedging strategies.
  • Fully automated stop loss and pay up logic for working hedge orders.


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