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Itiviti FX

Enabling customized currency trading solutions built for dynamic markets.

State-of-the-art trading technology delivered with expertise to match.

Itiviti FX presents a comprehensive approach to currency trading, designed to fit right into existing trading infrastructure. Using a modular, app-based architecture, it offers rich out-of-the-box FX trading capabilities with outstanding flexibility, enabling highly scalable, easily customized solutions.
Itiviti FX is built for today’s dynamic FX market landscape, and to meet current compliance and new business requirements. It comprises cross-asset trading functionality, including automated liquidity aggregation, algorithms, pricing, distribution, order and pre-trade risk. It facilitates quick adjustments and deployment of custom trading strategies.
Itiviti FX combines a frontend based on the Tbricks by Itiviti trading platform with Catalys by Itiviti, our flexible and versatile ecosystem for industry standard FIX connectivity.

Forex trading – without compromise

  • Built on an extendable platform, combining rich out-of-the-box functionality with flexible customization options.
  • Rich multi-asset capabilities with crossover to equity trading, brokerage, order management, systematic internalization and much more.
  • Resilient and transparent low-latency platform with extreme scalability where performance is critical.
  • Present traders with consolidated FX market view, to help overcome fragmentation challenge.
  • Built for compliance – meets new regulatory requirements.
  • Extensive set of packaged connectivity options to FX liquidity providers and platforms, enabling improved execution efficiency and an optimized transaction cost.
  • Easy customization and systems integration. All business logic available through open, documented API.
  • Functionality includes automated liquidity aggregation, market making, pricing, distribution, algorithms, order and pre-trade risk.
  • Developed and delivered by experienced industry experts.

Market access

  • Packaged connectivity to main sources of price and liquidity for price discovery and execution.
  • Wide range of connectivity options to platforms and LPs, including FIX, ITCH, OUCH and other binary feeds.
  • Configurable connectivity for rapid time-to-market for new platforms and LPs.

Aggregation and market making

  • Smart aggregation service, allowing for mixing of different types of liquidity from multiple sources.
  • Market making apps for controlling single currency risk as well as automatic flow optimization and event protection features.
  • Easily extendable market making logic to meet new business requirements.

Pricing engine

  • Easy to define client specific pricing using rules and parameters.
  • Synthetic pricing of inverses, crosses, forwards and swaps.

Distribution and client orders

  • Efficient distribution and management of prices and quotes to clients.
  • Flexible handling of client orders and requests.
  • Packaged configurations for distribution to key platforms.

Pre-trade risk

  • Built-in pre-trade risk limit system, allowing users to evaluate and restrict orders.
  • Monitor client flows, based on pre-defined rules.

Algorithmic trading

  • Efficient packaged algorithms for powerful execution capabilities.
  • Extensive set of tools for developing custom algorithms.

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