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FIX Explorer by Itiviti

Documentation in sync with your interface.

Connect to multiple venues to see differences occurring between specifications. Save time, eliminate errors, using FIX Explorer by Itiviti.

Key benefits

A single definition for your FIX interface.

  • Customize, publish and support your FIX specification with FIX Explorer.
  • Start with a standard FIX repository and customize it to suit your specific spec; mark tags as supported or unsupported, create custom enumerations, and even add textual descriptions and graphics.
  • Export the spec to a web-viewable repository and keep your clients up-to-date.

Advanced features

  • Visualize spec differences. Compare specs side-by-side to view the details of what differences are occurring between versions.
  • Maintain spec in one place. Create all of your documentation in one interface – no more entering and maintaining data in multiple places.
  • Capture spec with importing. Get started right away by capturing a specification from your existing FIX service.
  • Generate multiple docs. Generate multiple outputs from one interface: Word doc, Excel spreadsheet, PDF, data dictionary and web-accessible repository.
  • FIX: A customizable standard. Customize a standard FIX repository to identify messages, fields and value your support.
  • Keep clients up-to-date. Your clients will always have a current spec on hand when you publish your FIX repository to the web.
  • Eliminate errors. Do away with typographical errors and omissions that occur when creating and updating your spec manually.
  • Keep spec, trading system in sync. Create both the software artifacts and documentation from a repository that can reside in any industry-standard version control system.


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