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Catalys by Itiviti

Catalys by Itiviti is the financial industry’s first choice in FIX technology.

Offering a flexible and versatile ecosystem for connectivity and trading with front and middle office FIX Infrastructure that touches every part of the trading lifecycle and covers all major asset classes.

Catalys by Itiviti, the single destination for all things FIX and beyond. 

Enterprise and managed solutions for banks and brokers

  • Catalys by Itiviti, advanced FIX messaging workflows for creating transparent control over regional and global trading environments, trading operations, infrastructure and management.
  • Full multi-asset, multi-market functionality.
  • Selection of technology and business adapters.
  • Reliable Professional Services team with deep domain expertise for bespoke development, optimal integration and deployment.
  • Managed and deployed solutions.
  • Catalys Dashboard, user-friendly console.


Complementary products and services


A complete end-to-end connectivity service, building on Itiviti’s solid FIX technology expertise and market leading FIX connectivity platform, Catalys by Itiviti. Providing managed access to global execution venues, normalization of FIX Messages and drop copies as well as execution solutions, monitoring, first-class onboarding, certification and testing automation.

Itiviti Conductor

Itiviti Conductor is a pre-packaged solution, automating the task of onboarding FIX counterparties, reducing time and cost.

FIX Explorer by Itiviti

FIX Explorer, the single definition for your FIX Interface. Customize, publish and support your FIX specifications, allowing for file export to FIX Conductor.

VeriFIX by Itiviti

Automate testing and simulate FIX counterparties for rapid deployment using VeriFIX. Offering functional testing including negative testing as well as performance testing of electronic trading systems.

Continuum by Itiviti

The financial industry’s first enterprise testing platform, a continuous approach to testing by delivering automated test suites. Designed to empower complex enterprise trading environments.

 Onboarding and certification

Itiviti delivers improvement and execution for end-to-end onboarding as well as certification, engaging on a tactical execution basis or as a contracted onboarding partner.

Testing Automation

Itiviti’s automated testing solution enables automation testing of complex business flows across asset classes and supports both FIX and non-FIX (including proprietary) protocols.


Itiviti provides broad capabilities for FIX transactional message monitoring including proactive alerting, offering a complement to traditional enterprise and network monitoring tools.

Execution solutions

Itiviti solutions drive electronic execution maturity, speed to market and operational efficiencies, focusing on interoperability and extensibility across the execution architecture.

Building blocks

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