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CameronFIX by Itiviti

CameronFIX by Itiviti is universally regarded as the reference standard for reliable, mature FIX engine applications.

Sell-side and buy-side firms, looking for a pluggable, standalone FIX engine, use CameronFIX to FIX-enable internal systems, such as order management systems and trading applications, and to avoid connectivity latency, lost messages and downtime.

Catalys by Itiviti, the industry first, inclusive, FIX-based ecosystem, is engineered on CameronFIX. Latest release CameronFIX 8.0 maximizes compatibility with Catalys and its associated product set, thereby offering the broadest possible functional coverage for CameronFIX users.

Increased automation on both the exchange and investor sides has led to a surge in trading volumes, in turn placing unprecedented demand on FIX solutions. This provides a challenge not only for the FIX engine itself, but also the infrastructure surrounding it, in particular network bandwidth.

Meeting this challenge requires fundamental FIX performance characterized by predictable, consistent low latency, compressed binary data formats (FAST), deeply integrated in the core FIX engine code and robust and stable software with long-standing track record.

Key benefits

  • Scalable, robust and globally proven FIX-enabling toolbox.
  • Easy counterparty connectivity.
  • Support for FAST.
  • Easy integration with internal systems.
  • FIX dialects for non-standard FIX connections.
  • An open component model for tailored message processing.
  • Low footprint.

Ease of integration

  • Large set of technology adapters to integrate with your architecture.
  • Highly scalable Java-based FIX engine with modest hardware demands.
  • Reliable and robust technology.
  • Add FAST capabilities to your application seamlessly.
  • Adapt to any non-standard connections with FIX dialects and support for all FIX versions.

Optional expertise

  • Combined FIX technology and implementation expertise.
  • A large pool of internal and third-party knowledge and experience available from a global service team.
  • Numerous add-ons and complementary offerings available from many reputable software firms.
  • Robust and scalable. Deployed by the most demanding clients and ISVs worldwide.

Competitively proven

  • Reliable; deployed at Tier-one production sites worldwide.
  • Scalable.
  • Flexible.
  • High-performance.


Building blocks

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