Itiviti has been supporting options trading since the inception of electronic markets. Customers range from large investment banks to sophisticated proprietary trading firms in all major markets.

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Maintain your edge

Rich set of tools for pricing and risk management.

  • Industry proven volatility and pricing models
  • Scripting support
  • Extensive scenario, reporting and analysis functionality
  • Easy integration with external pricing and volatility models
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Stay profitable

Quickly identify and execute on trading opportunities.

  • Feature rich, customizable interface for volatility surface management
  • Monitoring and visualization tools for opportunity management
  • Off-the-shelf dispersion trading, greek orders and sophisticated hedging capabilities
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Consolidate on one platform

Support for a wide variety of workflows and instrument types.

  • OTC trading – quickly price and analyze a wide and extendable range of different instrument types and strategies
  • Normalized RFQ management and automated trading to consolidate trading on one platform

Discover Tbricks

The platform that makes it all possible.

How we deliver

Itiviti offers flexible delivery models with multiple options for deployment, technical support and software administration. Our software products are available for on-premise deployment or as managed services, all covered by 24/6 multi-language support by our global team.

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