Automated trading is a critical component of a modern trading operation and in today’s markets, high performance is an essential requirement. Tbricks was designed for quantitative and automated trading. An open, modular platform, Tbricks provides flexibility without sacrificing  performance and latency. The platform is utilized for automated trading of complex strategies across equities, futures, options and ETFs globally.


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Optimize strategy implementation

Extensive functionality paired with flexibility supports continuous innovation and implementation of automated trading strategies.

  • Reduced time to market - build on industry proven existing functionality
  • Rich API and normalized data model for straightforward implementation
  • Easy integration with databases, external pricing libraries and CEP engines 
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Scale with performance

Designed to enable business development, providing maximum flexibility and performance when scaling or adjusting trading.

  • Entirely server-based system designed for low latency
  • Extensive tool set for continuous performance tuning
  • Seamless vertical and horizontal scalability
  • Normalized native gateways to 100+ markets globally
  • Extensive support of instruments and asset classes
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Trade safely

Tbricks limits and risk checks are continuously refined to provide maximize confidence when trading.

  • Source code access provides users will full control of business logic
  • Comprehensive set of pre- and post trade risk checks
  • Optimize monitoring through user-defined alerts system

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Itiviti offers flexible delivery models with multiple options for deployment, technical support and software administration. Our software products are available for on-premise deployment or as managed services, all covered by 24/6 multi-language support by our global team.

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