Technical innovation and regulatory initiatives drive continuous change in capital markets, increasing complexity and challenging existing business models. For those who can adapt, change also brings opportunity. Our award-winning trading platform is architected for change, enabling users to continuously deploy their proprietary knowledge to capitalize on the trends of tomorrow.

What we cover

Market Making

Leveraging 30+ years of experience engineering market making systems, Tbricks is utilized by market makers across a wide range of asset classes and markets. Itiviti’s customers provide liquidity in options, warrants, futures, ETFs and FX globally. The platform enables users to operate, scale and adapt their business in compliance with relevant regulation globally.

Optimize operational value
  • Off-the-shelf market making functionality for most instrument types and asset classes
  • Maintain high performance
  • Distributed customer operations organization covering multiple time zones
Trade more
  • 100+ native connectivity to derivatives- and cash venues globally, lets customers quickly deploy new trades in different markets
  • Modular system facilitates rapid vertical and horizontal scaling across markets and geographies as liquidity changes
Maximize return on proprietary knowledge
  • Open architecture enables significant system customization to leverage proprietary insight and rapidly adapt to market changes

Quantitative and Automated Trading

Tbricks enables efficient, straightforward implementation of custom trading strategies. Combining extensive functionality, significant flexibility and market reach with ease of integration, Tbricks allows customers to focus resources on strategy implementation.

Focus on essentials
  • Use, customize, extend–or implement your own–functionality.
  • Remove strain of market upgrades on internal resources
Conforms to your environment and needs
  • Rich API and open modular architecture makes for easy integration with external pricing libraries, databases, ticker plants and other resources
Rapidly scale strategies and ideas
  • Modular platform can be deployed as required and scale as trading activity grows
  • Native market connectivity to 100+ derivatives and cash venues globally
  • Leverage NYFIX ORN to reach 1000+ counterparties

Volatility Trading and Pricing

Tbricks' ready-to-deploy pricing and volatility management features industry proven, high performance models and tools. Users can integrate proprietary models and customize interfaces, allowing the implementation of a quantitative tool set tailored to their trading needs.

Improve control
  • Broad instrument- and asset class support
  • Several workflows on one platform (e.g. listed, RFQs and OTC)
Confident trading with full control
  • Price complex derivatives without sacrificing accuracy or speed.
  • Comprehensive risk and volatility management functionality enables real time control or risk and P&L
Secure best execution and hedging
  • Automated trading- and smart order execution tools out-of-the-box.

Compliance and Reporting

Market participants seeking a more open and system-agnostic approach are challenged by a continuously evolving regulatory landscape. As the industry faces up to new regulation, Tbricks ensures compliance, both now and in the future.

Maintain regulatory compliance
  • Full compliance and reporting across the entire trade lifecycle – including rich APIs, comprehensive logging and integration with regulatory authorities.
  • Comprehensive data model and tools allowing firms to capture and provide regulators with any data requested.
Easy reporting
  • Readily available FIX normalization and exporting of relevant regulatory data to satisfy authorities.

How we deliver

Itiviti offers flexible delivery models with multiple options for deployment, technical support and software administration. Our software products are available for on-premise deployment or as managed services, all covered by 24/6 multi-language support by our global team.

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