Webb chooses Tbricks for cash and derivatives trading

Press release in PDF format

Amsterdam-based market maker WEBB consolidates cash and derivatives trading and market making on a single, high-performance platform. WEBB, market maker and liquidity provider on key European markets, has deployed Tbricks for trading and market making of cash products and financial derivatives.
As a participant of multiple world leading cash and derivatives exchanges and MTFs, WEBB requires a high standard of performance and connectivity.

“After a take over, we had several systems for cash and derivatives trading which was far from ideal” says Marco van den Berg, CEO WEBB. “We needed to consolidate on a fast and future-proof platform that could support our own style of trading, could scale as we grow and support all markets where we are active. After evaluating our current systems as well as several others, Tbricks was the best match for our needs. It is a modern system designed for high speed and increasing volumes. We expect it to support our needs for the coming years.”

“As the Amsterdam market remains strategically important to us, we are delighted that WEBB selected Tbricks to support their successful trading and market making business” says Jonas Hansbo, CEO Tbricks.

Tbricks’ market making fuses server-based auto-quoting and auto-hedging with fully configurable visualization in the front end, enabling firms to make markets with high performance and control.

For cash trading, Tbricks supports executing automated trading strategies as well as manual and high touch strategies on multiple markets.
Tbricks’ functional scope includes customizable pricing, volatility management, risk management, team quoting and a whole series of trading features such as hidden quotes (electronic eye or take out machines), peg quotes, multi-level quoting, quote spreading, portfolio graphs, portfolio stress testing and RFQs.