Tbricks supports Neonet’s Algorithms

Press release in PDF format

Tbricks has integrated Neonet’s suite of trading algorithms, offering users advanced execution capabilities. The Tbricks solution has been devised for automated proprietary trading and targets trading users at investment banks, prop trading firms and high-tech hedge funds.

This means that users can seamlessly use Neonet’s trading algorithms out-of-the-box as an integrated part of the Tbricks Genesis system.

Jonas Hansbo, CEO of Tbricks, says: “We are seeing disruptive changes in the financial markets with a plethora of new cost-efficient trading venues like Chi-X and Turquoise in Europe. We believe Neonet is very well positioned in this new scenario given its strong direct market access coverage as well as its commitment to standards. We also believe that Neonet is at the technological forefront with its early support for FIX as well as new emerging standards like FIXatdl. All in all, this makes Neonet a perfect fit and an ideal partner for Tbricks.”

Neonet’s algorithms are developed entirely in-house by Neonet to fully leverage its low latency market access. Where previously these algorithms could only be accessed via Neonet’s own trading platform, they are now accessible directly by the Tbricks systems. “Making our trading algorithms available via Tbricks is in line with our strong commitment to provide our clients with leading trading capabilities. We see a strong interest in using our advanced functionality as the trading pattern and landscape is changing rapidly,” comments Simon Nathanson, CEO of Neonet. Tbricks launched its premiere product – the Tbricks Genesis automated trading system – earlier this year. Tbricks is initially focusing its activities on financial institutions engaging in proprietary trading.