Tbricks connects to Burgundy

Press release in PDF format

Many pro- prietary traders, who depend on low latency performance, will connect to Burgundy from the start. That’s why we’ve ensured that our clients can run the strategy trading engines of Tbricks Genesis reliably against the Burgundy market on day one.”
Urs Rutschmann, COO of Tbricks, adds: “Tbricks leads the way with unmatched speed, scalabil- ity and customizability. Our aim is to offer comprehensive access to all Nordic trading venues, with far better performance and lower costs than legacy trading systems.” “We are pleased to see Tbricks’ advanced automated trading solution being added to our list of certified vendors. Low-latency trading is one of the fastest growing areas in the industry as firms are looking at different ways to exploit trading in a post-MIFID fragmented landscape”, comments Olof Neiglick, CEO of Burgundy.

Tbricks’ premiere product—the Tbricks Genesis automated trading system—was launched in 2008 and is in use in several leading trading rooms. Tbricks connects to multiple exchanges, MTF’s, Forex trading places and prime brokers.