Tbricks connects to Bats Europe

Press release in PDF format

The Tbricks solution has been devised for automated proprietary trading and targets proprietary trading firms, proprietary trading desks at banks and high-frequency trading hedge funds. They can now leverage Tbricks’ direct connectivity to ensure minimal latency to the BATS Europe marketplace.

Jonas Hansbo, CEO of Tbricks, says: “We are very happy to report that we are already certified for this new exciting market place and are looking forward to the go-live of BATS Europe on October 31st. This is yet another step in making the European markets for execution services even more competitive. We at Tbricks are convinced that our clients will find great value in directly accessing a new liquidity pool based on a proven and blistering fast trading platform.” “We are pleased that Tbricks is committed to working with us to bring users to the highly efficient, low latency BATS system,” said Mark Hemsley, chief executive of BATS’ European Markets division. “As we’ve done in the US, our goal in Europe is to Make Markets Better with a trading platform where all market participants are welcome and can successfully employ their trading strategies. We believe agreements such as this one are a significant step in the right direction.”

Tbricks launched its premiere product – the Tbricks Genesis automated trading system — earlier this year. Tbricks is initially focusing its activities on financial institutions engaging in proprietary trading.