Tbricks and DeltaOne Solutions announce turnkey ETF solution

Press release in PDF format

Tbricks and DeltaOne Solutions introduce a new solution that makes it easier to source, price and trade exchange traded funds (ETFs). The initiative combines technology for ETF sourcing and trading to improve efficiency and streamline infrastructure for quoting and hedging.

The initiative combines the strengths of Tbricks’ ETF trading technology with DeltaOne’s Index and ETF data management and analysis capabilities.
The proliferation of ETFs and related products has created a need for an electronic processing solution to help streamline the process from sourcing to trading. Tbricks and Delta One Solutions now offer market makers and traders a turnkey solution to analyze, implement, quote and hedge ETF and index trades.

“By combining the individual strengths of Tbricks’ trading technology and DeltaOne’s ETF and Index data accuracy, we are taking a major step forward in addressing calls from global regulators and clients for a fully integrated solution for ETF quoting and hedging. We believe the time is right for consolidation around a collaborative framework to address the challenges of rapid growth, operational risk and high costs in the trade markets,” said Jonas Hansbo, Chief Executive Officer, Tbricks.

“This partnership is a full strength combination that reaches across borders and asset classes to provide a service that will help a wide range of market participants achieve greater certainty in their transaction processing,” said Bernie Thurston, Global Head of DeltaOne Solutions.