DN Capital leads €4M investment for Tbricks’ European and US expansion

Press release in PDF format

London based venture capital firm, DN Capital together with private investors have invested in Tbricks, automated trading software company and Orc Software spin out. Tbricks’ next generation Genesis platform automates trading for proprietary trading firms, allowing hundreds of thousands of trades to be performed with sub-millisecond latency to ensure traders can react almost instantly to market conditions.

DN Capital’s investment and expertise will help facilitate Tbricks expansion into European and US markets during this critical time in trading.

Sweden based Tbricks’ ultra high performance Genesis is the fastest trading platform on the market regardless of whether it performing a single strategy or thousands simultaneously. As such, Tbricks Genesis automated trading platform is aligned to the shift within proprietary trading firms from terminal based to strategic, profit maximising trading.

Urs Rutschmann, COO of Tbricks comments: “The mantra that successful trading teams create profit-making strategies is even more applicable during these volatile times. Trading is an arena where speed and scalability really matter, and Genesis is developed to truly deliver on both of these fronts.” Rutschmann continues, “Tbricks Genesis combines the flexibility and privacy of a proprietary firm’s in-house system with the robustness and lower cost of a standard application. This is particularly valuable when the financial services industry is under pressure to increase productivity and lower costs.”

Jonas Hansbo, CEO of Tbricks adds: “Current trading systems cannot cope with the volume and speed required for modern trading. Built without legacy constraints, Tbricks’ Genesis sets a new benchmark for trading systems in terms of scalability, performance, flexibility and user friendliness”. Spun out from financial software giant Orc Software, Tbricks’ founding team brings over 60 years of trading software development to the company.

Nenad Marovac, Managing Partner of DN Capital concludes: “As the inventors of much of Orc’s intellectual property within trading systems, the founders of Tbricks are building on a world class track record. With the world’s fastest and most robust algorithmic trading platform, Tbricks undoubtedly plays a critical role in this fast growing and incredibly exciting market. Early take up from blue chip customers is already proving that Genesis delivers what Tbricks promises.” Tbricks joins DN Capital’s portfolio of high growth digital and software companies including, Datanomic, Endeca and Shazam.