Catalys Upgrades FIX Infrastructure at Leading Canadian Investment Bank

CameronTec’s expertise will help to improve operational efficiency, transparency and integrity.

Latest Fin. Industry News: New York & Toronto, Wednesday 7 November 2012 — CameronTec, the global provider of the financial industry’s most widely-installed FIX infrastructure and connectivity solutions, today announced a leading Canadian investment bank has selected Catalys for their FIX infrastructure upgrade to improve operational efficiency, transparency and integrity. The Quebec-based financial institution will deploy Catalys 2.0 – including its additional services for configuration, testing, certification, monitoring and management, to achieve greater performance and cost efficiencies across its entire organization.

Peter Mott, Americas Sales Director for CameronTec, says: “As we continue to grow our North American business, we welcome this important addition to our client portfolio. Our development of greater FIX infrastructure efficiencies is a continual process for CameronTec and Catalys 2.0 marks a significant milestone in our strategy to build out further functionality, leveraging the core strengths developed and refined over a many years. This Canadian investment bank sees intrinsic value in CameronTec’s proven capabilities and preeminent track record in global financial markets.”

CameronTec’s pedigree and long-standing ability to deliver continuous FIX innovation and efficiencies, to the world’s largest FIX customer base, made this a seamless transaction. In a critical, feature-for-feature comparison of so-called competing vendors, it quickly becomes evident that CameronTec has an industry-unique vision. It gets the full picture and truly understands the criticality of data interoperability, convergence and real business insight.

Catalys 2.0 is designed to further empower brokers, banks and the buy-side to aggregate, view and manage related trade data. This covers FIX transactional data and latency, risk and operational data, from a multitude of disparate third party systems, gateways and applications. Version 2.0 builds further on the platform’s core strengths in FIX infrastructure; the inclusive, FIX-based ecosystem engineered on the industry acknowledged standard in FIX engines, CameronFIX.

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In 2012 CameronTec irrevocably changes the FIX messaging landscape.

Catalys 2.0 is an industry-first, inclusive, FIX-based ecosystem that is engineered on the industry-acknowledged standard in FIX technology, CameronFIX. Firms serious about FIX need the ultimate enabler; a solution built on a 20/20 vision to provide unprecedented levels of performance, data interoperability, convergence and business insight.

CameronTec’s solutions are used by sell side firms representing some of the world’s largest brokers with the most demanding technology requirements. Buy side firms use our technologies to meet their new standards in client success. Hedge funds look to our latest technology to gain the fullest edge and make their mark. Exchanges committed to building an enduring marketplace turn to us. And ISVs find in us a superior and trusted technology partner.

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