Advanced automated trading

Press release in PDF format

Tocarema, a company comitted to delivering advanced technology for automated trading, is pleased to announce that it has commenced operations as of November 1st. Tocarema will create totally new opportunites for participants in the financial markets to automate and innovate trading strategies while remaining fully in control.

The company recognizes the need to provide customers with a competitive edge by delivering extreme performance with sub-millisecond latency and massive throughput.

“Financial markets are developing at a breathtaking speed and the demand for more sophisticated tools is ever increasing, automated trading being at the cutting edge. The algorithmic trading technology being developed by the Tocarema team has the potential of becoming the benchmark by which other systems are measured. The demand from sophisticated participants, such as investment banks and hedge funds, for this kind of system is high and I predict it will grow very rapidly from here.” said Ulf Wissén, Founding Partner of ICE wsb AB.

“Sometimes one has to take a leap in the dark to advance new technology; to think differently and start from scratch. The old trading technology is in a cul-de-sac, cursed by the tyranny of the installed base. I am investing in Tocarema because I am confident that its founders will deliver exciting solutions for traders, who understand and believe in the future of automated trading.” said Nils Nilsson, who previously co-founded Orc Software.

“I look forward to working very closely together with the most sophisticated participants of the financial markets, in advancing the state-of-the-art of automated trading technology.” said Jonas Hansbo, Founding Partner and CEO of Tocarema.