A complete and flexible offering for the sell-side

At Itiviti we believe in making standard trading technology smarter and better to bring out the best of your performance. Built on the foundation of entrepreneurship and innovation, we deliver customized solutions that keep you ahead of the game and ready to go from day one.

Break free from your business lock-in

There is a close correlation between flexibility and success in today’s rapidly evolving financial markets. Agile technology is an absolute must.  Itiviti’s platform can be described as a set of building blocks that can be combined into a tailored solution for end-to-end trading, routing, connectivity and risk. All solutions are supported by Itiviti’s dedicated services team, ensuring smooth and reliable installation, maintenance and integration. This modular approach provides the freedom and flexibility that are now required to succeed.




Itiviti empowers trading desks with game-changing technology. Our app-based, modular trading platform combines out-of-the-box capabilities with great flexibility for customization and systems integration.

Successful trading desks depend on Itiviti to stay ahead of the competition. We deliver trading solutions built for change, which enable clients to grow and scale their trading business while reducing complexity and costs.

Modular architecture

Itiviti provides an easily extendable and fully customizable trading platform which is inherently low-latency. Through our app-based, modular architecture it is easily adaptable to accommodate each specific client environment and to adjust to market dynamics. We support trading in a wide range of asset classes on markets across the globe, including equities, futures, options, ETFs and FX.

Packaged solutions

Itiviti offers packaged solutions with tools for serving specific requirements and trading styles, including algorithmic trading, market making and efficient manual trading using single-click mode. Our high-performance engine enables quick adjustments and deployment of sophisticated, custom trading strategies and new pricing and hedging models.

Unified trader workflow

Itiviti’s two-way event-driven workflow lets traders focus on essential events. The ability to trade across markets, asset classes and trading strategies using a unified trader workflow allows for scaling the business.

Itiviti Solutions are delivered as fully managed or deployed.


Algorithmic Trading


Click Trading


ETF Trading


FX Trading




Market Making




Spread Trading

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