A complete and flexible offering for the sell-side

At Itiviti we believe in making standard trading technology smarter and better to bring out the best of your performance. Built on the foundation of entrepreneurship and innovation, we deliver customized solutions that keep you ahead of the game and ready to go from day one.

Break free from your business lock-in

There is a close correlation between flexibility and success in today’s rapidly evolving financial markets. Agile technology is an absolute must.  Itiviti’s platform can be described as a set of building blocks that can be combined into a tailored solution for end-to-end trading, routing, connectivity and risk. All solutions are supported by Itiviti’s dedicated services team, ensuring smooth and reliable installation, maintenance and integration. This modular approach provides the freedom and flexibility that are now required to succeed.



Risk & Compliance

Itiviti solutions help firms ensure regulatory compliance and to control risk, while supporting their business innovation and growth.

We recognize that regulatory compliance must be addressed with equal priority to risk, which calls for mission-critical treatment by the trading infrastructure. Banks, brokers and clearers rely on Itiviti for implementing all these functions.

Detailed monitoring
Itiviti’s risk management functionality includes rich GUI capabilities and managing electronic trading execution, with detailed monitoring of trading limits and activities for multiple firms across multiple markets. Our solutions capture detailed audit trails, delivering complete order flow transparency for all participants across all markets. This enables tracking, prediction and proof of execution quality.

Innovation for regulatory compliance
With MiFID II, market participants in Europe are facing regulation that will force major organizational and process changes. Itiviti provides an all-new compliance solution designed to help firms implement these. It can be delivered as a managed service with minimal impact on existing trading infrastructure, eliminating the need for upgrades or costly development efforts. Itiviti offers robust, low latency access to global markets, including more than 150 exchanges, brokers and liquidity pools. Our market gateways cover all major asset classes. These are complemented by certified broker connectivity and market data feeds from the leading providers.


Itiviti Solutions are delivered as fully managed or deployed.

Risk & Compliance

Market Abuse

Risk & Compliance

Pre-Trade Risk

Risk & Compliance

Regulatory Compliance

Risk & Compliance

Risk and PnL

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