Client Stories

ADG future-proofs trading operations

ADG is a proprietary trading, market making and investment management company with a strong record of profitability in trading with its own capital. This case study, based on an interview with ADG's Head of Technology, describes why and how ADG uses Tbricks by Itiviti to support their business.

Canadian bank using Itiviti for proprietary trading, flow trading and institutional trading of ETF and cash products

  • Market maker on Canadian derivatives market in index, single stock; ETF and currencies products.
  • Deploys multiple high frequency trading strategies in Canadian and US cash and derivatives markets.
  • Captures order-flow from major Canadian institutional buy-side clients.
  • Partnered with Itiviti to develop FPGA based market data resulting in significantly improved competitive edge. This allowed them to grow business and cut cost by shifting from broker to direct access to US cash markets.
  • Development partner for smart order router.

Carnegie system replacement

Carnegie has replaced a 15-year-old pricing and market making solution with Tbricks by Itiviti. This case study, based on an interview with Sandro Samuelsson, Head of Business Development at Carnegie Securities, describes why and how they did it, and results so far.

European bank uses Itiviti’s trading platform to provide liquidity in own issuance and listed options

  • Supporting about 40 traders across 12 markets in 3 locations.
  • Quoting 70k instrument on multiple markets which translates to 500k unique instruments.
  • Developed extensive infrastructure based on the Itiviti platform including integration of complex pricing of issuance.
  • Development partner for improving overall infrastructure supporting plans to grow to 100k consolidated instruments during Q2 2014.
  • As a result, during 2013 they grew from 12k to 70k consolidated instruments.
  • Development partner for user entitlements in order to meet new regulatory requirements.

Global bank providing low latency electronic market access services to high volume institutional clients in APAC

  • 12 Itiviti provided market gateways.
  • Orders checked pre-trade to be within limits and market compliant.
  • Partnered with Itiviti to develop next version of pre-trade validation product.
  • Expecting to add 14-16 new institutional buy-side customers during the next 12-24 month period.
  • Plans to expand offering with market access to US and EMEA.

Global broker/clearer providing low latency electronic market access services to high volume institutional clients in EMEA and APAC

  • 15+ Itiviti provided market gateways.
  • Orders checked pre-trade to be within limits and market compliant (ESMA & ASX).
  • Access to broker’s internal order routing infrastructure.
  • Partnered with Itiviti to develop pre-trade validation product.
  • Added 5 new customers during 2013.
  • Existing customer business grew by expanding to more markets and adding trading desks.
  • Total cost of ownership and execution risk reduced when replacing incumbent vendor.

Italian bank using Itiviti’s trading solutions for market making, proprietary trading and flow business. In order to improve the overall efficiency of their whole trading infrastructure they commissioned Itiviti to run a number of services projects

  • Developed a native market gateway connecting to their systematic internalizer, enabling them to decommission a costly dedicated system.
  • Developed a FIX gateway to a multi-broker trading network, consolidating all commodity trading activities on one system.
  • Provided on-site consultancy for development of tailored algorithmic trading and execution strategies, minimizing turnaround time for putting the business vision into practice.
  • Delivered an integration project to historicize into an external database dividend data exported from Itiviti, enabling the traders to perform statistical analysis.

Broker boosts efficiency, cuts cost with Itiviti Managed FIX

This mid-sized broker (“Broker-X”) has a specialized niche business driven around their proprietary research. For years, Broker-X has invested in their electronic trading capabilities by white-labeling algos from certain bulge bracket Firms. As their electronic distribution grew, so did their related connectivity expenses.  Unlike traditional Cash business, you cannot just pick up a phone to trade algos.  FIX connections need to be established in order to do business with electronic trading customers.  That FIX connectivity carries a significant cost.  By converting their FIX connectivity to Itiviti, Broker-X was able to leverage Itiviti’s Network Optimizer product and reduce their network related connectivity expenses by 19%.  That savings funded the Itiviti connectivity service for the client. Read the full story.

Global bank chooses Itiviti Managed for trading, execution and risk

A Global Bank operating in the capital markets industry, replaced a number of their systems for trading, market making, execution, risk and smart order routing with superior, managed solutions from Itiviti. The replacement process was gradual, starting with the trading and market making systems. As the bank’s business demands grew, the Itiviti Managed platform enabled them to seamlessly add new systems such as a ‘Smart Order Router’ with minimal effort. Key benefits included reduced costs, better performance and much lower operational risk. Read the full story.

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