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Itiviti’s complete sell-side offering enables firms to consolidate trading systems while supporting a seamless workflow across asset classes, using a single, integrated platform. Our technology helps reduce complexity for more efficient operations, while facilitating development, integration and customization.

Built for scalability and with the essential needs of trading desks in mind, our solutions touch every part of the trading life cycle and covers all major asset classes. They address the entire value chain and support business activities involved for any trading style or strategy through high-performance technology that scales with the business and adapts easily to changing needs.

We deliver a unique combination of best-in-class trading applications and connectivity, all built for maximum performance and to simplify regulatory compliance. We also offer a choice of deployment options. These include managed services, which provide a high-performance trading infrastructure without the need for technology investments and in-house IT staff.

With our flexible trading platform, clients can pick and choose from a large library of business apps and have a ready-made solution right out of the box. Using our modular, easily extendable architecture with open interfaces, together with Itiviti’s “Buy and Build” paradigm, unique business logic can easily be added for a completely customized experience.

Itiviti sell-side offering

A world leader in FIX technology, Itiviti offers a comprehensive and versatile ecosystem for all FIX data flows in connectivity and trading, together with tools for efficient testing, client onboarding and service management.

Itiviti’s technology comes with a personal touch as well. Our people and their expert skills are an integral part of our offering. With a broad range of services which extend from daily systems operations to tailored professional services for testing and implementation, into the fine details of infrastructure design, our clients know where to go for professional advice as well as training and tech support. Our solid understanding of the trading business and leading global markets, including strategies and regulatory issues, is often seen as a bonus.

All the critical technology for supporting a sell side trading business is future-proof with us. And Itiviti’s commitment is never limited to helping our clients stay compliant in today’s ever-changing regulatory landscape. Ultimately, we deliver the tools and services needed for a sustainable competitive edge in global markets.

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