Itiviti's Connect and Trade portfolios comprise the industry’s most comprehensive offering in capital markets technologies and services. They were built for enabling financial institutions to seize opportunities in global markets, while providing unfaltering support to their daily operations. On these two pillars, we offer flexibility and breadth of functionality to match any trading style across asset classes.

How they work together


The importance of FIX as the universal language in financial markets continues to grow. Itiviti’s Connect portfolio provides sell-side and buy-side firms with the key elements in FIX technology and FIX services they need to stay ahead.

  • Managed FIX Services
  • FIX Tools and Technology 


Itiviti’s Trade portfolio covers the full order life-cycle across all major asset classes and financial instruments. Our highly customizable platforms support liquidity provision, principal trading, connectivity, low-touch and high-touch execution.

  • Agency Trading and Order Management 
  • Principal Risk Trading and Market Making 
  • Execution Management and Venue Connectivity
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Order management, execution management, smart order routing and a suite of algorithms to meet all your agency or principal risk trading requirements.

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Fully managed FIX services or the FIX engines, testing, certification and monitoring tools you need to build your own buyside-to-sellside connectivity solution.

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An automation framework that can be applied to both agency and principal trading solutions to make your trade lifecycle as efficient as possible.

Why Itiviti?

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Unmatched solutions

We offer the industry’s broadest solutions and services portfolio for multi-asset execution.

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Scale to deliver

We have truly global capabilities, combining presence and scale to serve clients around the clock.

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Flexible and future-proof

We invest in the future to continue providing value-adding solutions and services for client success in dynamic markets and changing regulatory landscapes.

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Enabling success

We enable customers to focus on what they do best. We provide tools and expertise to help them move faster and trade smarter.

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Robust and reliable

Itiviti’s solid track record rests equally on our proven technology platforms and customers’ trust in the professionalism and integrity of our team.

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Industry expertise

Itiviti’s offering is backed by a dedicated team of seasoned professionals, with deep domain expertise across the capital markets industry.

How we deliver

Itiviti offers flexible delivery models with multiple options for deployment, technical support and software administration. Our software products are available for on-premise deployment or as managed services, all covered by 24/6 multi-language support by our global team.


Software is deployed on-premise. The customer employs own resources for first line software and hardware support, including upgrades.

Application management

Software is deployed on-premise. Itiviti provides first line application support, including change management and upgrades. The customer manages hardware and operating system support.

Fully managed

Itiviti provides a fully managed service from our data centers around the world. This includes operation and support of infrastructure, application support, upgrades and onboarding new clients for Itiviti’s customers.


Similar to a fully managed service, while excluding new client onboarding.






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