In today’s highly competitive, regulated environment, institutions must handle most of their order volume automatically, while still having the facilities to work orders with care where required. Itiviti’s highly automated hybrid agency trading platform scales across asset classes and geographies and provides the functionality required to meet demands for high quality service from clients.

What we cover

High-Touch Trading

Market regulation and cost reduction will lead to further significant changes in the trading landscape and trading patterns. Automation of order and trade flow management continues, transforming the function of high-touch trading desks. Itiviti’s modular, customizable high- touch platform enables business specific deployment and integrates seamlessly with the rest of your trading business, providing the tools needed for best possible execution.

Low cost operation
  • Flexible deployment for local and global trading and order management
  • Follow the sun cross-asset support
  • Consolidate equities, derivatives and fixed income on one platform
Optimize execution
  • Execute large block orders to minimize market impact
  • Integrate with UL Smart or a third party provider for smart order routing and algos
  • Send RFQs or interact with an internal SI for illiquid instruments or price improvements
Improve client service
  • Adapt execution to specific client requests combining speed, cost, price anonymity, market impact and volume
  • Monitor orders and pro-actively adjust execution strategies to minimize slippage vs benchmarks
Generate more business
  • Generate "flow on flow" by broadcasting your trading activity
  • Advertise your orders using IOIs to find opportunities on the opposite side

Low-Touch Trading

In a trading landscape influenced by regulation, automation, cost reduction and performance, the demand for a fit-for-purpose low-touch trading system has never been higher. Itiviti’s low-touch platform is specifically designed to automate high-volume trade flow across all asset classes.

Low cost operation
  • Consolidate trading across asset classes on one platform
  • Flexible deployment options including managed services
Predictable high performance
  • Platform designed for high throughput, adaptation and resilience, ensuring consistent, predictable and accurate execution
  • Control risk without compromising on latency
Deliver superior service to your clients
  • Proactive business monitoring for managing issues and specific order events
  • Customize alarms to spot underperforming orders
  • Identify clients with considerable trading activity in order to serve them better
  • Improve order execution by taking control of orders, modifying algo parameters, slicing orders and moving between destinations
Seamless integration for best execution
  • Leverage your IP through integration with in-house or third party algo boxes enabling fully automated trade flow
  • Emulate order types including icebergs, stop orders and OCO not natively supported on the venue

Middle Office

Itiviti’s Middle Office solution addresses the intense wave of market structural changes that impact post-trade management – enabling firms to manage the increasing use of electronic workflows while further reducing operational risk and lowering costs.

Reduce cost and errors
  • Fully automate all workflows and data enrichment to reduce cost and errors, as well as handle volume
Seamless integration enabling STP
  • Complete integration with front office, Itiviti or third party
Meet client needs
  • Fully adapt to buy-side workflows for allocation confirmation and affirmation workflows

Compliance and Reporting

In a constantly changing regulatory environment, market participants need to ensure compliance, control risk and reduce costs. Itiviti’s agency trading platform captures detailed audit trails, delivering complete order flow transparency for all participants across all markets.

Turn compliance into insight
  • Collate disparate data from across the enterprise and third parties
  • MiFID II and CAT compliant, transaction and trade reporting is highly customizable, transforming complex information into insight
Easy reporting
  • Seamlessly integrates with third party systems for reporting to regulators
Consolidate to save cost
  • Full asset classes coverage – including shares, ETFs, derivatives and bonds

How we deliver

Itiviti offers flexible delivery models with multiple options for deployment, technical support and software administration. Our software products are available for on-premise deployment or as managed services, all covered by 24/6 multi-language support by our global team.

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