Benefitting from a modular, open architecture, customers can use out-of-the-box execution strategies, modify, or build their own, or integrate with third-party providers of their choice.

Key features & benefits

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The execution challenge

Discover the right tools for executing on your trading strategy.

  • Ultra-fast market connections with a highly optimized core software stack.
  • A broad range of algorithms available for different scenarios and styles
  • Architected for distributed installations and exchange co-location.
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Flexible execution options

Combining intelligence and automation to remove constraints.

  • Synthetic order types to mimic desired order behavior without restricting venue choice.
  • Send orders outside trading hours for auto-execution as markets open.
  • Seamlessly combine automated and manual trading.
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Build your own algos

Protect competitive advantage by adding proprietary algorithms.

  • Build on Itiviti’s out-of-the-box algorithms.
  • Utilize open APIs for easy implementation of bespoke algorithmic trading strategies.
  • Development support available from Itiviti Professional Services.

Related components

Venue Connectivity

Robust, low-latency access to trading venues around the world covering all major asset classes, supporting multiple trading workflows with seamless integration to regulatory authorities and third parties.

Smart Order Routing

Itiviti’s Smart Order Routing solution offers fast and intelligent routing to new venue types, helping market participants navigate today’s complex and highly fragmented markets where the search for liquidity is an increasing challenge.

Pre-Trade Risk Management

Sophisticated pre-trade risk management with extensive alerts and limits framework while providing a complete audit trail for compliance.

Order & Execution Management

Itiviti’s Order and Execution Management solutions cover the full scope of lifecycle functionality ranging from agency trading to principal risk trading and market making.

Itiviti platform

Learn about our Connectivity, Trading, and Automation solution framework and how it can be tailored to fit your precise requirements.

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