Experience trading and electronic execution technology for advanced derivatives trading with market access to all major exchanges, brokers and trading venues globally.

How it works

Electronic trading and risk management for listed derivatives

Sophisticated derivatives trading application, offering functionality for volatility trading, pricing, quoting and risk management.


High performance automated trading

Optimize trading by utilizing automated trading functionality and deploy sophisticated trading strategies


Powerful market making for advanced quoting and hedging

The market making functionality offers great flexibility and rich functionality with support for warrants, options and structured products, allowing clients to manage low-latency quoting strategies across multiple markets from a single interface.


Key Features

  • Trade any asset class on exchanges globally, with robust low latency access to more than 150 exchanges, brokers and liquidity pools, covering all major asset classes
  • Seamless combination of manual and automated trading in one trading solution
  • Single intuitive front-end for all trading activities with market and portfolio overview, offering a unified trader workflow
  • High performance pricing and risk calculations with P&L and risk attributes offering extensive analysis
  • Easy integration of custom pricing and volatility models with proprietary analytics, providing flexible extensions and integration capabilities

Who is it for

Banks, trading and market-making organizations as well as exchanges, brokerage houses, institutional investors and hedge funds.

How is it delivered

Orc is delivered both as a deployed solution or a fully managed solution.

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