VivCourt from its inception has adopted a unique corporate culture that ranks employee satisfaction and philanthropic activities as its number one core values, thus allowing its employees and board to distribute its earnings as contributions. Since 2011, VivCourt has used Itiviti technology for options trading, and now it’s expanding the use of Itiviti technologies to other markets and asset classes.

“Our team relies on Itiviti’s trading system with sophisticated options pricing and risk components, which allows us to build the customizations that we need in terms of algorithms and gateways,” said Rob Keldoulis, Founder and Managing Director, Vivienne Court Trading. “As we continue to expand our business, we need to work with a trusted vendor like Itiviti that can understand and address our needs with leading-edge trading solutions, strong sales support and services.”

“We are immensely proud to work with Vivienne Court Trading and thankful for their continued trust in Itiviti’s solution,” said Ofir Gefen, SVP, Head of APAC, Itiviti. “Itiviti’s modern technology and architecture is highly flexible, which enables VivCourt to use essential trading components as well as to implement its unique strategies as needed. We look forward to strengthen Itiviti’s partnerships with VivCourt and other firms in Asia, enabling them to seize opportunities faster.”

Itiviti is next exhibiting at Australia FIX Conference on October 17 at The Westin Sydney, showcasing its buy-side and sell-side solutions.

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About Vivienne Court Trading
Vivienne Court Trading Pty Ltd (VivCourt) is a trading company headquartered in Sydney Australia, with offices in Brisbane, Melbourne, Amsterdam and Zurich. Founded in 2011, VivCourt trades a wide variety of products on global financial markets. These range from equities to derivatives, interest rates to currencies and commodities, and Aussie electricity to Euro power.

True to its tagline ’Making money to make a difference’, VivCourt believes that a business does not need to have profit as its sole objective to be a highly profitable business. After costs and bonus payments, all profits flow back to the social sector. Our bottom line: VivCourt invests in staff; staff invest in for-purpose organisations; for purpose organisations invest in society.

About Itiviti
Itiviti enables financial institutions worldwide to transform their trading and capture tomorrow. With innovative technology, deep expertise and a dedication to service, we help customers seize market opportunities and guide them through regulatory change.

Top-tier banks, brokers, trading firms and institutional investors rely on Itiviti’s solutions to service their clients, connect to markets, trade smarter in all asset classes by consolidating trading platforms and leverage automation to move faster.

A global technology and service provider, we offer the most innovative, consistent and reliable connectivity and trading solutions available.

With presence in all major financial centers and serving around 2,000 clients in over 50 countries, Itiviti delivers on a global scale.

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Itiviti is owned by Nordic Capital.

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