Corporate Vision is dedicated to working around the clock to shine a spotlight on the brightest, best performing and most deserving companies and individuals from around the business world. The 2016 Technology Innovator Awards were designed to recognize and reward the individuals, departments and firms behind the ground-breaking developments that change the way we do business for the better.

“We are pleased to affirm that Tbricks by Itiviti measures up to the high standards set for the CV Technology Innovator Awards,” said Laura Hunter, Awards Co-ordinator, Corporate Vision Magazine. “We are passionate about recognizing outstanding achievement, game-changing innovation and stellar performance, which Itiviti has convincingly demonstrated with their next generation trading platform.”

The Corporate Vision Awards are decided by a combination of votes gathered from the magazine’s network of industry partners and in-house research performed by industry insiders and corporate specialists. Each award is carefully scrutinized, from a nominee's region to their performance over the past 12 months, their commitment to innovation, their methods and even their competition.

“We are really proud over the recognition as a leading technology innovator as we would like to think that we are pushing the boundaries in trading technology,” said Jonas Hansbo, Chief Strategy Officer, Itiviti. “The CV Technology Innovator Award adds an important, independent certification to the platform, and we see this as further acknowledgement of what our customers and users are telling us.”

Tbricks by Itiviti is the first trading platform designed from the ground up for today’s trading reality: built to be customized, scaled, co-located and blazingly fast. Its app-based architecture combines the tailored functionality of an in-house built system with the convenience of a third party solution. By providing the source code to its library of apps, Itiviti allows clients to add their own unique sets of functionality and unlock new capabilities in response to changing market requirements or their own proprietary needs. 

About Itiviti
Itiviti is a world-leading technology provider for the capital markets industry. Trading firms, banks, brokers and institutional clients rely on Itiviti technology, solutions and expertise for streamlining their daily operations, while gaining sustainable competitive edge in global markets.

With 13 offices and serving more than 400 customers worldwide, Itiviti was formed by uniting Orc Group, a leader in trading and electronic execution, and CameronTec Group, the global standard in financial messaging infrastructure and connectivity. From its foundation in 2016, Itiviti has a staff of 400 and an estimated annual revenue of SEK 700 million.

Itiviti is committed to continuous innovation to deliver trading infrastructure built for today’s dynamic markets, offering highly adaptable platforms and solutions, enabling clients to stay ahead of competitive and regulatory challenges.

Itiviti is owned by Nordic Capital Fund VII.

For further information, please contact:
Jonas Hansbo, Chief Strategy Officer, Itiviti, Tel. +46 70 652 51 93
Christine Blinke, Chief Marketing Officer, Itiviti, Tel. +46 739 01 02 01

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