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  • Operating revenue for the period from July to September 2016 was SEK 173,125k (177,717), a decrease of 3% compared to the same quarter of 2015. Adjusted for foreign exchange effects, operating revenue declined by SEK -760k (0%). The decrease is attributable to Professional Services, while system revenue rose marginally.

  • Adjusted EBITDA was SEK 97,831k (92,107)) and EBITDA-CAPEX was SEK 52,475k (48,955). Operating expenses and adjusted CAPEX, adjusted for one-off effects, fell by SEK 7,800k compared to the same period of last year. Adjusted for foreign exchange effects, expenses were SEK 5,562k lower than in the same period of last year, down by 4%. The number of employees has increased by around 15, but thanks to synergy effects from the merger of CameronTec and Orc and a lower result of variable salary components in the period, personnel costs decreased. Bad debt losses were virtually nonexistent, which together with other synergy effects also led to lower operating expenses. A strong focus on development of Itiviti’s new product offering explains the increase in adjusted CAPEX.

Comments from CEO Torben Munch:

“The third quarter did not fully live up to our expectations in terms of top line growth, while market trends are developing as envisaged. In the area of trading, a slow consolidation of smaller players is underway. As Itiviti has long foreseen this change, we have targeted our offering to increasingly cater to higher tier trading firms, banks and brokers; a shift now reflected in our sales pipeline. However, addressing larger organizations often means extended sales cycles, which has impacted revenue in the quarter.

In recent weeks we started to formally market Itiviti´s full regulatory solutions. This offering was met with significant market interest from the very outset, resulting in some clients signing contracts even before the actual launch. We can now demonstrate a full suite of products addressing the challenges facing our clients in the new regulatory environment. In addition, we have launched the Itiviti Managed Connectivity Platform, enabling clients to concentrate on their core activities by offering a leaner, smarter way of running FIX connectivity.

The key to staying relevant in our highly competitive industry is continuous innovation. Itiviti´s Tbricks by Itiviti and Catalys by Itiviti development platforms match today´s highest standards, while offering future potential with regard to flexibility, functionality and performance. We are always pleased when these efforts are recognized, most recently by CV Magazine as Itiviti was presented with the 2016 Technology Innovator Award.

A new landscape has emerged, separating vendors with modern platforms and those hampered by legacy issues. Insights and vision are not enough – you must also possess the right tools to implement these in high performance, high functionality solution capable of addressing real client needs as they emerge.

Itiviti continues to grow, with new clients and new products. We now have more than 390 staff globally, compared to around 375 one year ago. We retain a sharp focus on our cost base, but never at the expense of profitable innovation.”

About Itiviti

Itiviti is a world-leading technology provider for the capital markets industry. Trading firms, banks, brokers and institutional clients rely on Itiviti’s technology, solutions and expertise to streamline their daily operations, while gaining sustainable competitive edge in global markets.

With 13 offices serving more than 400 customers worldwide, Itiviti was formed by uniting Orc Group, a leader in trading and electronic execution, and CameronTec Group, the global standard in financial messaging infrastructure and connectivity. From its establishment in 2016, Itiviti has a staff of 400 and estimated annual revenue of SEK 700 million.

Itiviti is committed to continuous innovation to deliver trading infrastructure built for today’s dynamic markets, offering highly adaptable platforms and solutions that enable clients to stay ahead of competitive and regulatory challenges.

Itiviti Group Holding AB is owned by Itiviti AB, in which Nordic Capital Fund VII is the principal shareholder.

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