NYFIX Matching is a post-trade affirmation, confirmation and matching services that provides the buy-side with the capability to streamline the post-trade workflow, which handles the matching and repair of block allocations by the broker with the internal systems of the buy-side firm. Buy-side firms can confirm and affirm trades on one consolidated platform.

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Drastically reduce trade processing costs

Leverage the NYFIX network and FIX to exchange allocation messages intra-day, so you can significantly improve post-trade processing speed and cost, and minimize EOD error rates.

  • Disruptive commercial model for allocations and affirmations: flat fee, not transaction-based
  • Move away from proprietary vendor protocols: FIX is a market standard already supported by your trading systems
  • Seamlessly integrated to your Order Management system
  • Fully-hosted solution
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Shorten settlement cycle

Utilize more granular matching and the speed of FIX to improve the efficiency of your post-trade process.

  • More granular matching of trade details between counterparties drastically reduces settlement fails
  • Block-level matching can be done during the day, so you anticipate issues, reducing end-of-day pressure
  • Harmonize your post-trade operations by centralizing allocations and confirmations across asset classes
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Leverage a leading network to increase efficiency

Benefit from one of the industry’s largest order routing networks high quality of service to enable your FIX-based workflow.

  • Make T+2 happen by enabling same-day affirmation through electronic trade confirmations and allocations, and high STP rates
  • Future-proof your middle-office technology with real-time FIX-based matching and allocation workflows

How it works

  • Multi asset-class platform for allocation, confirmation and affirmation of trades
  • Based on field-proven FIX messaging protocol, leveraging your infrastructure
  • Real-time integration with OMS systems
  • Unified workflow and single web-based user interface to cover all your trading systems
  • Reduce the time and personnel required to identify and resolve issues to the minimum
  • FIX is fast, complete and extensible, ensuring large market adoption
  • Fully-hosted solution

Who it is for

Buy-side clients on the NYFIX network.

How we deliver

NYFIX Matching is a fully managed service.




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