The Managed FIX Service is a normalization service that connects you to your trading counterparties whether the flow is inbound from clients or outbound to brokers.  


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Improved transparency

The Managed FIX portal provides critical business metrics and technology indicators.

  • Client trading behavior
  • Order flow monitoring with exception management
  • Engine/Session/Order status
  • Message comparison functionality
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Rapid onboarding

Quicker time-to-revenue thanks to our automated onboarding capabilities.

  • Web-based request portal for new connections
  • Experienced global staff works around the clock on new onboards
  • Full insight into the timing and underlying milestones for each connection request
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Flexible delivery models

Flexible delivery models

  • Our flexible service model allows for a fully managed solution or a partially managed one based on our clients needs
  • We coordinate the client-onboarding or you do
  • Advanced tooling allows for client customizations and dynamic routing rules can be created on-the-fly
  • Client-focused delivery by our more than 250 Managed support staff

How it works

Logging into the Managed FIX Services’ portal is your window to your FIX infrastructure

The intuitive dashboard allows you to see your FIX infrastructure and client activity at-a-glance.

Manage all types of messaging protocols

From FIX to MQ to custom protocols. Our Managed FIX Service can be customized to your specific messaging needs.

Access to expertise

A team of onboarding and messaging experts are available to help you customize your client onboarding process in order to differentiate yourself from your peers.


How we deliver

Itiviti offers flexible delivery models.

Managed FIX Plus

Itiviti experts certify, implement and support all aspects of your client connectivity, from client onboarding to infrastructure management.

Managed FIX

This service provides all of the benefits of our fully managed service but allows our customers to control their client onboarding process.


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