Itiviti's Managed FIX Services can be tailored to fit the demanding needs of our customers, allowing brokers and asset managers to offload non-core but critical aspects of their connectivity technology to trusted experts. Our services include an award-winning order routing network, a world class FIX engine, as well as client certification, onboarding and testing tools. The core order routing network, known as NYFIX, is a fully-managed, broker independent, vendor agnostic messaging ecosystem that connects the buy-side, sell-side and trading venues.

What we cover

Client Onboarding & Exception Management

As a network-agnostic offering, the service extends beyond message routing and can also help manage the full client onboarding process including message validation, enrichment, transformation and conformance testing. In addition to the message normalization service, the platform also provides risk management, Transaction Cost Analysis (TCA) and business analytics.

Rapid client onboarding
  • Automate for quicker time-to-revenue
Pre-trade risk management
  • Advanced order and exception handling
Algo wheel logic
  • Offer your clients the best strategies available in the market and take advantage of robust splitting logic to customize the offering to clients
Advanced data analytics
  • Gain insight into your client’s trading activity and net client profitability

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NYFIX Order Routing Network

NYFIX is one of the largest and most established order routing networks in capital markets with a community of approximately 1,600 buy- and sell-side firms of all sizes. This ISO-certified, resilient, scalable network has provided 100% uptime since 2010. The flexibility of this multi-asset class platform is unparalleled and can be configured as a hub-and-spoke network for ease of access or as a point-to-point message delivery service for more latency sensitive customers.

Quick time to counterparties
  • Accelerated client onboarding vs point-to-point networks
Improved business insight
  • Access robust analytics through an intuitive web portal
Robust infrastructure
  • Security and resiliency-focused architecture monitored by a world class global support team
Global reach
  • Points-of-presence in 17 data centers around the world
Access to expertise
  • Recognized global team of FIX specialists with real-world capital markets experience

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Post-Trade Affirmation, Confirmation and Matching

Our post-trade service provides the buy-side with the capability to streamline the post-trade workflow, which handles the matching and repair of block allocations by the broker with the internal systems of the buy-side firm. Buy-side firms can confirm and affirm trades on one consolidated platform.

Granular matching
  • NYFIX matching automates the confirmation of broker fees and trade details in real-time, relieving buy-side workload
Facilitation of settlement
  • Settlement done quicker and instructions conform to meet the specific standards of individual firms
Early detection and issue resolution
  • Can anticipate issues and fix errors to maximize settlement and minimizing end-of-day risk
Cost efficient
  • Simplified flat fee model eliminates transaction-based charges
Seamless integration
  • Fully hosted system can be integrated into existing trading systems and unify the matching and allocation process into a single user interface

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How we deliver

Itiviti offers flexible delivery models. 

Managed FIX Plus

Itiviti experts certify, implement and support all aspects of your client connectivity, from client onboarding to infrastructure management.

Managed FIX

This service provides all of the benefits of our fully managed service but allows our customers to control their client onboarding process.


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