Trading Software Analyst (NMB1)


We are looking for person for our Global Services Team. The person in this position will be part of our team based in Mumbai office, and work on services projects or operations for our clients. Required skill-set is listed below

a)                   2 to 4  years’ experience in Capital markets

b)                  Experience in implementing or supporting FIX applications. Some example of FIX Applications are:

i.                     FlexTrade

ii.                   Ullink

iii.                 Catalys

iv.                 Cameron FIX

v.                   Sungard

vi.                 In house FIX applications

c)                   Excellent knowledge of FIX protocol. Must have complete and hands on familiarity with various FIX messages for session, orders and trade handling,

d)                  Good knowledge in capital markets and equity trading

e)                  Good UNIX skills

f)                    Good SQL skills would be a plus

g)                   Good communication, and client interfacing skills

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